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Battlestar Wiki is a semantic reference site about the Battlestar Galactica franchise: the 1978 original Battlestar Galactica TV series, its short-lived Galactica 1980 spin-off, and all the universe reimagined by Ronald D. Moore including the 2003 TV miniseries, the reimagined TV series (from 2004 to 2009), the Caprica TV series prequel, the webisodes, and all the video movies set inside this universe. You will find anything Battlestar Galactica-related. Battlestar Wiki currently has 189 articles. Come here for the latest information on the TV series, movies, its characters, and all its universes. Everyone can contribute anything relevant to this wiki but it's mandatory to register or log in. Don't forget to see our wiki's general policy!
WARNING, this wiki is not Wikipedia. All this wiki's articles are written as part of the Battlestar Galactica universes (except "Real World" articles).
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