Episode:The Heavens Will Rise

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"The Heavens Will Rise"
An episode from Caprica
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Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 16
Original air date (2010-11-16)  CAN: November 16, 2010
(2011-01-04)  USA: January 4, 2011
(2011-06-27)  UK: June 27, 2011
Episode chronology
Précédent "The Dirteaters" "Here Be Dragons" Suivant
"The Heavens Will Rise" is the 16th episode of the only season of Caprica.


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  • This episode was first aired in Canada on November 16, 2010, then released on DVD/Blu-ray in USA on December 21, 2010 (with the remaining episodes). It aired for the first time on US televisions on January 4, 2011 during a Caprica marathon consisting of the five remaining unaired episodes.

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