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Adama (TOS)

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A character from the Original Series
Biographical information
Birth planet Caprica
Species Human
Status Alive
Information about family
Marriage Widow, previously sealed to Ila (deceased)
Children Apollo
Zak (deceased)
Grand-child Boxey (adopted grand-son)
Socio-political information
Occupations Commander of battlestar Galactica
President of the Quorum of Twelve
Rank Commander
Affiliation Battlestar Galactica
Out of BSG universe information
Portrayed by Lorne Greene
First appearance "Saga of a Star World"

Adama is the commander of the great battlestar Galactica, commander of the refugee fleet, and military commander of the evacuees of the Twelve Colonies. He is also the spiritual leader of the surviving Colonists, leading the quest for Earth.


Adama was born on Caprica which is where he graduated from military academy. Early in his career Adama was involved in a parapsychological research project at the Colonial Military Institute (TOS: "War of the Gods", Part II). He flew with his executive officer Colonel Tigh in their younger days, and later served as an aide to Commander Kronus aboard Battlestar Rycon (TOS: "Take the Celestra").

He has been sealed to Ila and had three children; Apollo, Athena and Zac.

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