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John Colicos
John Colicos.jpg
Biographical information
Birth date (1928-12-10)December 10, 1928
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Death date March 6, 2000(2000-03-06) (aged 71)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Professional information
Occupation Actor
Years active 1950—1999
BSG-related information
Related films Battlestar Galactica
Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack
Conquest of the Earth
Related series Original Series
Occupation Actor
Character Count Baltar

John Colicos (December 10, 1928 – March 6, 2000) was a Canadian actor. He portrayed Count Baltar in the Original Series.


Involvement in the Battlestar Galactica universe


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Film and Television
Year Title Function Role Notes
1999 Battlestar Galactica: The Second Coming actor Baltar Short
1998 My Father's Shadow: The Sam Sheppard Story actor Richard Eberling (in jail) TV Movie
1994-1998 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor (3 episodes) Kor TV Series
1998 Thunder Point actor Heinzer (uncredited) TV Movie
1997 Windsor Protocol actor Gerhardt Heinzer / Albert Greenfield TV Movie
1997 Fast Track actor (1 episode) Dr. Wallace Beckett TV Series
1997 The Last Don actor (1 episode) Eli Marrion TV Mini-Series
1992-1995 X-Men voice actor (19 episodes) Apocalypse / En Sabah Nur TV Series
1995 No Contest actor Senator Donald Wilson Film
1993 Counterstrike actor (1 episode) Vince TV Series
1993 Beyond Reality actor (1 episode) Sinclair TV Series
1991 E.N.G. actor (1 episode) Lionel Hirsch TV Series
1990 In Defense of a Married Man actor Charles Evers TV Movie
1989 Love and Hate: The Story of Colin and Joanne Thatcher actor Serge Kujawa TV Movie
1989 War of the Worlds actor (2 episodes) Quinn TV Series
1987-1989 Alfred Hitchcock Presents actor (2 episodes) Lestrade / Moriarty / Carter Talbot TV Series
1988 Shadow Dancing actor Anthony Podopolis Film
1987-1988 Night Heat actor (2 episodes) Karakonis / Lech Koretski TV Series
1987 Nowhere to Hide actor General Howard Film
1987 I'll Take Manhattan actor (2 episodes) banker, Lester Maypole TV Mini-Series
1987 Street Legal actor (1 episode) Farraday TV Series
1986 The Last Season actor Walter Batterinski Film
1985 The Hitchhiker actor (1 episode) Mr. Stregga TV Series
1984 Scarecrow and Mrs. King actor (1 episode) Ilya Kreschenko TV Series
1984 The Yellow Rose actor (1 episode) Nick Pappas TV Series
1981 General Hospital actor (1 episode) Mikkos Cassadine TV Series
1981 The Postman Always Rings Twice actor Nick Papadakis Film
1980 Phobia actor Barnes Film
1980 The Changeling actor Captain DeWitt Film
1979 Vega$ actor (1 episode) Dr. Victor Durrand TV Series
1979 The Paradise Connection actor Major Barclay-Battles TV Movie
1979 King Solomon's Treasure actor Allan Quatermain Film
1978-1979 Battlestar Galactica actor (21 episodes) Count Baltar TV Series
1979 Charlie's Angels actor (1 episode) Anton Karazna TV Series
1979 Sergeant T.K. Yu actor Gangster TV Movie
1978 The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries actor (1 episode) Col. L. Morbius TV Series
1978 W.E.B. actor (2 episodes) Harry Brooks TV Series
1978 Battlestar Galactica actor Cout Baltar Film
1978 The Bastard actor Lord North TV Movie
1978 The Six Million Dollar Man actor (1 episode) General Norbukov TV Series
1978 Quincy M.E. actor (1 episode) Harlan Standish TV Series
1978 Switch actor (1 episode) Gilchrist TV Series
1977 Wonder Woman actor (1 episode) Ambassador Orrick TV Series
1976 Drum actor Bernard DeMarigny Film
1976 Breaking Point actor Vincent Karbone Film
1974-1976 Medical Center actor (2 episodes) Tom Evans / Weldman TV Series
1976 Disneyland actor (2 episodes) Moroni TV Series
1976 The Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper actor Moroni TV Movie
1975 Harry O actor (1 episode) Walter Nesbitt TV Series
1975 Petrocelli actor (1 episode) Dimitri TV Seris
1975 Bronk actor (1 episode) Martin TV Series
1970-1975 Hawaii Five-O actor (2 episodes) Mr. Thorncrest / Lorenzo Corman TV Series
1975 A Matter of Wife... and Death actor Joe Ruby TV Movie
1975 Insight actor (1 episode) Gus Mangel TV Series
1974-1975 Performance actor (2 episodes) Smirnov TV Series
1975 Gunsmoke actor (1 episode) Judge Flood TV Series
1972-1975 Dr. Simon Locke actor (2 episodes) Dekker / Police Sergeant TV Series
1974 The National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway actor (2 episodes) Cornelius Van Horne TV Mini-Series documentary
1974 Salty actor (1 episode) Dobbs TV Series
1974 The Lives of Benjamin Franklin actor (1 episode) TV Mini-Series
1974 The Magician actor (2 episodes) Paul Gunther TV Series
1967-1974 Mannix actor (7 episodes) Dr. Myles Considine / Lytell / Duke Benedict / ... TV Series
1973 The Starlost actor (1 episode) The Governor TV Series
1973 Portrait: A Man Whose Name Was John actor Numan Menemengioglu TV Movie
1973 Scorpio actor McLeod Film
1972 The Wrath of God actor Colonel Santilla Film
1972 The F.B.I. actor (1 episode) Logan TV Series
1972 Longstreet actor (1 episode) Arnold Zaduck TV Series
1971 Goodbye, Raggedy Ann actor Paul Jamison TV Movie
1971 Red Sky at Morning actor Jimbob Buel Film
1971 Raid on Rommel actor MacKenzie Film
1971 Doctors' Wives actor Dr. Mort Dellman Film
1971 Night Gallery actor (1 episode) Survivor (segment "Lone Survivor") TV Series
1967-1970 Mission: Impossible actor (3 episodes) Chief of Internal Security Manuel Ferrar / Milos Kuro / Commissioner Taal Jankowski TV Series
1970 The Young Rebels actor (1 episode) British Colonel TV Series
1970 It Takes a Thief actor (1 episode) The Man TV Series
1970 Then Came Bronson actor (1 episode) Harve Traine TV Series
1970 The High Chaparral actor (1 episode) Matthew Kendall TV Series
1969 Anne of the Thousand Days actor Thomas Cromwell Film
1969 The Name of the Game actor (1 episode) Rafael TV Series
1969 Dulcima actor Mr. Parker TV Movie
1967 Star Trek actor (1 episode) Kor TV Series
1967 T.H.E. Cat actor (1 episode) King Delphine TV Series
1965 Armchair Mystery Theatre actor (1 episode) Ricardo TV Series
1965 Profiles in Courage actor (2 episodes) Sen. Davis / Patrick Henry TV Series
1965 The Defenders actor (2 episodes) District Attorney / District Attorney Scott Turner TV Series
1964 The Naked Flame actor Blackmailer (uncredited) Film
1962-1963 Playdate actor (3 episodes) Puff / Ernst Herman / Dr. Bruchesi TV Series
1961-1963 Festival actor (4 episodes) Galileo Galilei / Gregers Werle / Poet / ... TV Series
1960-1963 The United States Steel Hour actor (3 episodes) Dr. Steve Bruchesi / Edmund Hobert / Silvio TV Series
1962 Cyrano De Bergerac actor Comte de Guiche TV Movie
1962 John Brown's Body actor TV Movie
1961 The Man Born to Be King actor Jesus Christ TV Movie
1961 Vanity Fair actor (1 episode) Rawdon Crawley TV Series
1960 Our American Heritage actor (2 episodes) Aaron Burr TV Series
1960 Family Classics: The Three Musketeers actor Porthos TV Movie
1960 Omnibus actor (1 episode) Gen. George McClellan TV Series
1960 Sunday Showcase actor (1 episode) Aaron Burr TV Series
1953-1960 General Motors Presents actor (4 episodes) Uturu / Luke Richardson / Kroll TV Series
1960 Play of the Week actor (1 episode) Mortimer TV Series
1958-1960 The DuPont Show of the Month actor (4 episodes) Mr. Arrow / Monks / Fernand Mondego / ... TV Series
1959 Startime actor (1 episode) Andy TV Series
1959 The Unforeseen actor (1 episode) Count Cagliostro TV Series
1959 Berkeley Square actor Tom Pettigrew TV Movie
1959 Folio actor (1 episode) TV Series
1957 Studio One actor (1 episode) Gold Root TV Series
1957 War Drums actor Chino Film
1956 The Adventures of Hiram Holliday actor (1 episode) Thief TV Series
1956 You Are There actor (1 episode) Alexander Smith TV Series
1956 Breakaway actor First Kidnapper Film
1956 Passport to Treason actor Pietro Film
1956 Bond of Fear actor Dewar Film
1956 The Taming of the Shrew actor Lucentio TV Movie
1955 London Playhouse actor (1 episode) Charlie TV Series
1955 Barbados Quest actor Mustachioed Henchman (as John Collicos) Film
1954 The Secret Storm actor Matthew Devereaux TV Series
1953 Playbill actor (1 episode) TV Series
1953 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents actor (1 episode) Brown TV Series
1953 BBC Sunday-Night Theatre actor (1 episode) Christopher 'Kit' Marlowe TV Series
1953 Captain Brassbound's Conversion actor Sidi el Assif TV Movie
1953 Appointment in London actor Pip (uncredited) Film
1950 Forbidden Journey actor Student Film


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