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== Story ==
== Story ==
=== Previously ===
* [[Caprica-Six|A female humanoid]] [[Cylon (RDM)|Cylon]] seduces Dr. [[Gaius Baltar]] and manages to frame the [[Command Navigation Program]]. During the bombing of [[Caprica (RDM)|Caprica]], she saves Baltar for a certain death.
* Commander [[William Adama]] warns ''[[Galactica]]''{{'}}s crew that the [[Twelve Colonies (RDM)|Twelve Colonies]] are under [[Fall of the Twelve Colonies|Cylon attack]] leading to a war.
* On Caprica, [[Sharon Valerii|Boomer]] takes several women and children aboard her [[Raptor]] and has to leave her [[ECO]] [[Helo]] behind on his request.
* Baltar, who has been rescued, chats with a [[Baltar's Six|representation of Six]] about Cylon agents and learns that even some of them may not know that they are Cylons.

=== Teaser ===
=== Teaser ===

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An episode from Re-imagined Series
Galactica CIC's clock is reset to 33 minutes after the FTL jump.
Episode Nb Season 1
Episode 01
Original air date (2004-10-18)  UK: October 18, 2004
(2005-01-14)  USA: January 14, 2005
(2005-01-15)  CAN: January 15, 2005
Episode chronology
Précédent Battlestar Galactica, Night 2 "Water" Suivant
After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, the battlestar Galactica and the Fleet of the survivors have to make FTL jumps every 33 minutes for the Cylons always show themselves after that to attack them. This strange behavior may be connected to Gaius Baltar's fate. Meanwhile on Caprica, Helo tries to escape the Centurions.
"33" is the 1st episode of the first season of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series.


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