Battlestar Galactica (1978 film)

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Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica (1978 film) poster.jpg
US Theatrical release poster
Directed by Richard A. Colla
Alan J. Levi
Written by Glen A. Larson
Starring Dirk Benedict
Lorne Greene
Richard Hatch
Director of photography Ben Colman
Edited by Robert L. Kimble
Leon Ortiz-Gil
Larry Strong
Produced by John Dykstra
Executive producer Glen A. Larson
Release date (1978-07-07)  CAN: July 7, 1978
(1979-04-12)  UK: April 12, 1979
(1979-05-18)  USA: May 18, 1979
Language(s) English
After the destruction of the Twelve Colonies of Mankind, the last major fighter carrier leads a makeshift fugitive fleet in a desperate search for the legendary planet Earth.

Battlestar Galactica is the 1978 theatrical version of the pilot episode of the original TV series Battlestar Galactica, "Saga of a Star World". It was first released in Canadian cinemas on July 7, 1978, and a few days later in Europe (save UK, released on April 12, 1979) and Australia, two months before the airing of the pilot episode on US television. In USA, it was released on May 18, 1979.

Opening narration

There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians or the Toltecs, or the Mayans, that they may have been the architects of the great pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis.

Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive far, far away amongst the stars.


The different acts are set according to the Blu-ray chapters, minus the opening credits and ending credits sequences.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

Act 6

Act 7

Act 8

Act 9

Differences between the theatrical version and the television pilot episode

  • The broadcast report of Serina in the Caprica Presidium is not shown in the movie.
  • The chat between Athena and Starbuck in the quarters is not shown in the movie.
  • Baltar is beheaded by a Cylon centurion on the command of the Imperious Leader in the movie, yet he has been spared for public execution in the TV pilot, and after the death of the first Imperious Leader, he has been released and given command of a basestar with the help of Lucifer to pursue the remnants of humanity.